Livestream the Opening of the Holy Door in Spain’s Santiago de Compostela; tomorrow on the Eve of the Jacobean New Year.

Next door to the Cathedral is the wonderful Parador de Santiago – Hostal Reis Catolicos. Built in 1499, it was a stopping place for pilgrims following the way of St. James and is considered the oldest hotel in the world.

Not able to be in UNESCO World Heritage City of Santiago de Compostela for New Year’s Eve? Then celebrate Xacobeo 2021 bt livestreaming the opening of the city’s splendid Holy Door of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The magnificent cathedral was completed in 1211 and opening the door and the church to public for an entire years is a special event occurring only whenever St. James’ Feast Day , held annually on July 25 falls on a Sunday. When that happens it’s a Holy Year or Jacobean Year as it is this year . The official opening of the door takes place to welcome the year on December 31, the eve of Jacobean Year 2021 or  Xacobeo 2021. So join in.

When:  Thursday, December 31

Time:    10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CST (5-8 p.m. in Galicia)

What:   Live broadcast from  Santiago de Compostela of the opening of the Holy Door to the Cathedral, on Televisión de Galicia.

How to watch:   Click here

Busy on Thursday?  You can always watch it later, through the same link

Special thanks:  To the Archdiocese of Chicago

Passing through this door is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy, so feel lucky indeed if you get to experience it. The reason? It opens only on the eve of Jubilee years (December 31), i.e., when the Feast of St. James (July 25) falls on a Sunday; then it’s open during the following twelve months of that Holy Year.

The door, located in the rear of the Cathedral, is thronged with long queues of pilgrims and visitors who arrive not only from Spain and Europe but the world, eager to cross its threshold, and embrace the Apostle St. James. Though that’s not the original door, which is now inside the cathedra, The Door of Forgiveness is the one closest to the famous steps in front of the temple and is also known as the Gate of the 27 Elders because of the figures of the 24 Lords of Revelation, an apostle and two disciples lining the way. The Holy Door is also known as Porta Sancta. In 1122 Pope Calixtus II gave Compostela the privilege of granting a plenary indulgence to those who visited the shrine of the Apostle in the years when the Saint’s day fell on a Sunday. This is recorded in the Bull, Regis Aeterni, issued by Pope Alexander III in 1179.


Thursday, December 31, 2020

Obradoiro Square– Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

16.30 h           Arrival of the liturgical procession and the authorities to the Quintana Square from the Praterias Square.

16,40 h The opening of the Holy Door begins.

17.00 h           Celebration of the Holy Mass.

19.00 h           End of the Holy Mass.

  • Interpretation of the ‘Salve’ by Carlos Núñez.

19.10 h           Exit from Quintana Square through Inmaculada Square.

19.15 h           When arriving in front of the Holy Door, the authorities are located on the steps of the Quintana Square.

  • Projection of the video welcoming the Holy Year 2021, on the screens located outside the Cathedral and the channels provided for the broadcast of the event. (15 min.)
  • Interpretation of the ‘Muiñeira de Chantada’ by Carlos Núñez, (in Quintana Square), accompanied by a couple of dancers. (5 min.)

  End of the event.

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