Welcome Autumn with Cocktails from Merlet

Now as fall changes the landscape into a kaleidoscope of jewel colors, it’s time to move on from the drinks of summer and enjoy cocktails made with Merlet’s premium liqueurs including their award-winning pear, apricot and triple sec which recently gold medals at the International Spirits Challenge in London.


Created by Harry Craddock for the Savoy Cocktail Book

  • ½ oz Merlet Lune d’Abricot, Apricot Brandy
  • ½ oz Merlet Trois Citrus, Triple Sec
  • 1½ oz Gin
  • ¾ oz White Vermouth

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into the glass. Shake vigorously for proper chill and dilution. Strain into a chilled coupette cocktail glass. Add a lemon zest for garnish.


By Tony Conigliaro

  • ½ oz Merlet Crème de Poire William, Pear Liqueur
  • 2 oz White Tequila
  • 1 oz Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • ½ oz Simple Syrup
  • Ginger Beer to top

Pour all ingredients in tumbler glass filled with ice, top with ginger beer. Stir for few seconds. Garnish with a lime wedge.

For more information on Merlet please visit https://merlet.fr/language/en/welcome/. For more info on the International Spirits Challenge and a full list of winners go to https://internationalspiritschallenge.com/

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