Take the Great Summer Drumstick Road Trip

Love the idea of an ice cream road trip? Then why not join Drumstick in celebrating its 95th anniversary and get the chance to win a new road trip vehicle. How easy is it to win? Grab your car keys and head out on the open road, traveling to all 11 stops on The Great Drumstick Summer Road Trip. Those completing the quest get the chance to win and customize a Drumstick vehicle of their dreams.

Didn’t know you had a Drumstick vehicle of your dreams? You will after considering such options as a cobalt blue exterior or interior lighting, a motorcycle with a sidecar that doubles as a freezer, or a glove compartment that keeps Lil Drums cold and within reach?

Drumstick will hook you up with the ability to build your vehicle to accommodate your next adventures with Drumstick handy. 



According to Ohio State University, the ice cream drumstick (not to be confused with the chicken drumstick) was invented by brothers I.C. and J.T. (Stubby) Parker of the Drumstick Company of Fort Worth, Texas, in 1928.  The Parkers wanted to provide prepackaged ice cream cones but found that the cones became too soggy before they could be shipped to sellers.  To solve their problem, they reached out to Ohio State food scientists who quickly came up with the idea of coating the cone in chocolate – and the drumstick (so named because someone thought it looked like a fried chicken leg) was born. Subsequent innovations included adding chocolate to the inside rather than the outside of the cone. 

Although Ohio State was not paid for the original work on the drumstick, Tom Parker, Stubby’s son and I.C.’s nephew became a longtime supporter of the university.  The Parker Food Science and Technology Building is named in the family’s honor.

Flash forward to modern times. The Drumstick now comes in a variety of flavors and sizes—caramel, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla fudge, banana split…well, you get the idea. As for sizes, think classic, king size, mini drums and lil’ drums. And for those who don’t like or can’t have nuts, peanut-less Drumsticks.


  • Join one of Drumstick’s biggest fans, Dr. Umstick, as he reveals his personal ultimate summer road trip, the Drumstick Road Trip.
  • Each stop is inspired by the iconic Drumstick sundae cone we all know and love, whether you’re smiling at the Smiling Peanut in Georgia, checking out the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain in Las Vegas, or visiting Drumstick HQ in Oakland. 
  • How to enter? At each stop on your Road Trip, snap a photo or video with a Drumstick or Drumstick box and post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #DrumstickRoadTrip and tagging @Drumstick. 
  • Visit https://bit.ly/DrumstickRoadTrip for official posting instructions to receive entry credits.
  • Can’t hit all stops? No problem. Even if you can only make it to a few stops, be sure to tag Drumstick and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a YEAR’S SUPPLY of sundae cones or iconic Drumstick merch. Each post is an additional entry. 
  • The Drumstick Road Trip started June 21st and runs through the last day of summer, September 22nd.

In other words, it’s time to hit the road!

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