Cruising River St. Joe

Located at Eagle Point Marina in St. Joseph, Michigan, Nia’s Pontoon Rentals offers boating opportunities on both the St. Joseph River and Lake Michigan. Available for full or half day rentals, in certain cases animals are welcomed aboard.

The St. Joseph River is a great place to cruise with sightings of bald eagles, herons, seagulls, deer, squirrels, and even, very rarely, beavers.

Pack a lunch or dock at one of the restaurants located on the river including Plank’s.

Head out into Lake Michigan past the century-plus old lighthouse, Silver and Tiscornia beaches, and downtown St. Joseph.

2351 Niles Road, St. Joseph, Michigan. For more information contact Nia at 269-932-2070.

One thought on “Cruising River St. Joe

  1. It’s been a while since we were last on a river, but seeing these pictures and reading your post reminds us how beautiful they can be at certain times of day. Thank you for sharing, and don’t forget to check out our most recent posts.

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