Four Cooking Kits Helps Hone Home Kitchen Skills in Young Chefs

The Unicorn Cookie Cups Baking Kit by The Cookie Cups, which comes in a pretty pink box with pink cooking equipment and packaging inside, is the fun at-home baking experience for children three and up to do with a parent or older sibling. The 17-piece kit makes .24 mini size cookie cups and contains the following: 1 apron, 1 measuring cup, 1 silicone baking pan, 1 mini scoop, 24 mini cupcake liners, 1 unicorn horn mold, 1 unicorn plate, 1 whisk, flour, sugar, sweet Belgian chocolate chunks, white chocolate, pink sprinkle mix, pink powder, marshmallows, and vanilla frosting.

One of several kits from the designed to inspire young children there’s also kits for making pizza, pretzel making kit, and their Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit. The latter is an 18-piece set containing the following:

1 Apron, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Ravioli Stamp, 1 Spatula, 1 Kid Friendly Dough Cutter, 1 Rolling Pin, 1 Silicone Baking Mat, 1 Ravioli Flour, 3 Ravioli Colored Powders, 1 Cinnamon, 1 Dried Fruit Mix, 1 Sweet Dipping Sauce, 1 Dried Spinach, 1 Dried Tomato, 1 Garlic & Herbs, 1 Gourmet Marinara Dipping Sauce. 

 The Cookie Cups, a bakery that sells gourmet cookies in the shape of mini cupcake(s), was created and is owned by self-described serial-entrepreneur  Nicole Pomije. The kits are, in ways, a magical way to learn to cook and have funny farm. After all, who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbow ravioli?